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  1. I love this! How cool and creative and inspirational…You make me want to have a child (all the more)…are you from Queens??? I thought that Jerry’s Artarama went out of business a long time ago, and I was bummed…It can’t be the same one….

  2. Amazing art! Both you and your daughter! Thanks for making my day!

  3. elise swansborough | Reply

    They’re wonderful. Given the slugs need hugs quote…I always feel a bit sorry for slugs as everyone seems to hate them so much..understandable I guess especially if you’re a gardener.
    But Myla may enjoy next time she finds one giving them some little scraps of bread, which they just love. It’s kinda fun to feed them. Sorry, I know it’s nuts but I still do it and always enjoy it!
    Really love your blogs and pix! Thank you for sshring with us all. xx

    1. Wonderful, thank you! I didn’t know slugs liked bread! I am pretty quick on a google search to find out what kind of food the random bugs she houses eat. We only have the teensy weensy snails around our house, but she loved looking for slugs under bricks at my parents house a year back. Fun! Thanks

  4. Love them, I would like to buy an original, do you have those for sale also?

    1. Thank you! Sorry, for now we’ve decided to keep the originals for our daughter.

  5. I love your work. And the inspiration behind it. Do you offer (or have you considered) custom work? I would love to commission a painting of a loved one. Thanks!

  6. This is amazing art work and thank you for sharing. Isn’t incredible how our children inspire us on a daily basis. I have a 4year old daughter that creates art out of anything (a shoe string, tape or an old diaper box can be transformed into a masterpiece). We proudly display all her projects throughout our house and encourage her to express herself either through her art or her wardrobe. All the best.

  7. Please, please make the alphabet animals into wallpaper…so cute.
    Love your work and your daughters!!!!

  8. I’m sure you’ve gotten a number of these kinds of responses, but will you sell and of you and your daughter’s collaborative pieces. I think they are beautiful.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy them! We’re saving the originals for our daughter, but prints are available at

  9. Amazing, inspiring calaboration! You and your daughter make a really great team!!

  10. I am SO DELIGHTED by your work! It’s so wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with the world – I am excited to dive deeper into your blog and such…so fun and inspirational!!!

  11. *LOVE* you and your daughter’s work!! Just delightful! I am trying to narrow down the prints I want to order…whittled it to 9 and not sure I can cut any more 🙂

    1. Ha! Well, sounds like you’ll have a cool little gallery display in your own house! That’s awesome–thankyou!

  12. Amazing work… i’d love to see some of your work on a snowboard… They have contests every once in a while with Burton where regular folks can submit their ideas. Hope to see yours on one, sooner rather than later.

    1. Thanks! I sent out work for skateboards & snowboards AGES and AGES ago, and didn’t get any bites. Except for a teensy weensy company (who I think is defunct now) who couldn’t pay me except in skateboards. Which was also cool. 🙂

  13. Dear Mica,
    I so enjoy your blog that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. An award created by bloggers for bloggers.
    Please see my latest post for the rules and have some fun!
    I have used your images as a source of inspiration when I work with teachers and students.
    Thanks and Happy New Year!
    Tomasen M. Carey

    PS Your e-mail does not seem to work.

    1. Thank you so much! I saw the post, but I’m not sure how to send you any responses? My email should work at If you’d like to send me your address along with the link again, I’d be happy to answer the questions you sent–I’m totally happy answering questions. Thanks!

  14. Mica, great presentation today in Nacogdoches at the TEDxSFA. Thank you for sharing your art, your curiosity about life, and the story of your collaboration with your daughter.

  15. I LOVE the work you do. At the moment my daughter is 5 months old; hopefully she will be interested in drawing and painting alongside her mama one day! I am looking forward to doodling on napkins and lunch bags for her. I think my husband is mildly amused when I draw on the things in his lunch box…;-)

  16. Just wanted to lEt you know some of your art is being stolen and sold as iPhone cases on etsy under the shop iPhone case designed ppaying it forward. Love your art

  17. Very entertaining. I let my four year old assist at the start of my larger canvases. Hoping he can finish them for me one day 🙂

  18. Just found your blog this evening, what a marvelous thing to behold. The collaborative drawings, pure genius. My grand daughter and i did a collaborative painting recently. This was not by choice and not knowing what to say, I asked her to help me finish it. …You are inspiring your daughter so much with all you’ve shown her. Love your art, especially the early self portrait.

  19. Reading about your collaboration with your daughter made my heart sing this morning. Thank you. I am a quilter, piecing and longarmer quilting them. Years ago my daughter wanted to quilt a couple of them for me – she was little, I was freaked out and honestly had a really hard time with letting go of the control after all the work I had put in to them, etc. I let her do it, with not an open heart I might add. So many years later I am glad I did. Wish I had done more….I will remember you as I look for new opportunities to share.

  20. Hello, im a massive ballpoint pen user, I use the papermate inkjoys all the time.
    The thing is, I don’t know the right technique to use them to make people drawings like the ones you make. Do you by anychance have a youtube channel etc or just post a vid, to explain the techniques you use???
    Also whenever I try to use the orange and then red, even though I layer it lightly it makes it look like the persons got a craaazy suntan.Anyhelp?

    1. Hi thank you, and yay for ballpoint pens! Ink joys are great–they just take a LOTTTTT of light layers. I don’t have a YouTube channel, but I’ll try to help–With lighter skin, usually start off with a very very light layer of orange, and do darks with either brown or blue, and medium tones by darkening layers of orange, maybe a smidge of pink. I don’t really use red for much except extremes (like lipsticks, etc). It just takes tons of light layers with cross hatching and lots of trial & error. I hope that helps! If you have more questions, you can email me at

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