We have gotten a LOT of questions about the post about Collaborating With A 4-Year Old.  I answer them nearly the same every time, so I thought I’d just put them all in one spot:

Where can I buy prints of the collaborative paintings?    

  • The collaborative prints are available on Society6 .  The animal prints (as well as shirts for children & babies) are available on RedBubble.

Are the originals for sale?

  • For the most part, we are saving the originals for our daughter.  She might want them when she’s older!  But we do have a FEW up in my Etsy shop.

Do you take commissions?

  • On occasion, we do, but I don’t make it a priority.  You can message us an ask!  But we take it in small doses. We have so much fun with these, I would hate for it to seem like a job for her.

Do you have a picture of your little girl for my article/blog/interview?

  • Please contact me, if you’d like–I have many of us drawing that I can share, but I’d love to have some say in where they end up!

Would you be willing to collaborate with us on a book/project?

  • Most times, we are kept so busy with my full-time job, busy family life, freelance work, and my own projects I’m always juggling.  But I really appreciate people asking, and very much encourage them to find a way to continue to be creative!  Still, if you have serious requests, please feel free to contact my illustration agency at MunroCampagna (however, see below).

Would you be willing to do an illustration for our website/blog/magazine?

  • Again, we are usually kept pretty busy with life, work, and regular everyday adventures of a 4-year old.  My personal illustration agency is at MunroCampagna, and they can contact me with any serious freelance commissions.  HOWEVER–I choose not to put the pressure of custom work on our daughter, so we rarely do any commissioned collaborations.

Can I repost this on my blog/website?

  • If you’re just reposting the blog, I think that would be okay, as long as your site doesn’t solely promote a specific political or religious viewpoint (I don’t really want to be a poster girl for ANY political or religious group).  Please be sure to link back to the original post on THIS BLOG (people get weird & mean-spirited when they don’t know the actual story of the collaborations) and maybe even the print sites at Society6 and RedBubble.  And please send me a link when it publishes!  Thank you so much.

What’s the process when you two collaborate?

  • Thanks for asking!  I describe the whole process in this post.

Have you ever tried it the other way round (where she draws the head)?

  • Yes, we have!  Unfortunately, my daughter hasn’t learned the lessons about “letting go” quite as well as I have, and gets frustrated at me when I draw on hers.  So we make sure to practice it every now & then.  🙂

What supplies do you use?

  • I work primarily in ballpoint pen.  Plain ol’ BIC roller ballpoint pen (not the inky lovely kind).  I used to fill in color with Sharpies, until I got a HUGE set of Prismacolor brush-tips.  They are AMAZING for color blending.  Then I add highlights on top with acrylic or watercolor, and bring some of the lines back in pen.

Can I send you pictures of some collaborative projects I did with MY kids?

  • ABSOLUTELY! I love love love that people take this experience and try it in their own lives.  And I’d love to see the results!  You can email me at busymockingbird@gmail.com.  And as vigilant as I am about my own daughter’s image, rest assured that I won’t be sharing any images of your kids without your specific permission.

Can I do a similar project with my young students?

  • Certainly!  I love to see the idea spread around!  As long as you’re not selling anything or doing anything shady, I don’t mind at all!  If you’d like to use one of the heads I drew for an in-class project, please feel free to use the one I featured in this contest.  If drawing’s not your thing, try using magazine photos of heads or photos glued to paper that they can add to.  And I’d love to see the results!  Email me at busymockingbird@gmail.com

6 responses

  1. Hi! Love these!! What type of paper/canvas do you use when you use pen, acrylic, watercolor together? Thanks!

  2. […] when she grows up. For this reason Hendricks seldom takes commissions for the project. (On her website Hendricks states “…we’ve decided not to put the pressure of custom work on her at age […]

  3. Hi, I was inspired by your work to try something similar with my art class of 16-18 year olds with severe learning disabilities. After weeks of them not producing much more than scribbles I was starting to get disheartened. I showed them a few of your pictures and they loved them. I gave them a sheet of paper with a boy’s face in the middle and away they went! It seemed that having that starting point gave them an anchor and they were much more confident to draw lines and shapes and be bold with colour. Some really interesting results, and the confidence has carried over to future lessons and different tasks. That activity was a turning point for us, so thank you to you and your little one 🙂

    1. Oh! That’s SO wonderful to hear! I’d love to see some things they come up with! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing.

  4. Hi there, I absolutely love this concept! I am trying to incorporate more interesting and original art I to my home and was wondering if I buy a print, would you (and your daughter if possible) sign it? Thanks, nikole

  5. Was wondering if you’d do an illustration for my husband. We’re getting married on Oct 23rd and love to give him an illustration of him and I together. Wanted to know price for a color illustration, how long it would take.. And or if u could get it done by Oct 23rd? You’re artwork totally rocks!! Its so unique and beautiful! Let me know your thoughts.

    -Jess 🙂

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