Different places I find ideas, a few different people & things that inspire me…

My college friend Stowe’s rpg webcomic for kids & adults–Sidekick Quests!

My friend Tiffany is a photographer in the Salem area-RemyPhotographic

Amanda Palmer

Eric White

Michele Carragher Embroidery


My Pinterest page

Mark James Porter


Scott G. Brooks

Shawn Barber

Sillof’s Workshop

Jim Henson’s Creature Shop

Bob Ross remix (always cheers me up)

6 responses

  1. Look up Gene Flores and Micheal Barnes images. Also Jenny Mendes ceramics. I think you’ll like them. I really like the images you and your daughter did. Wonderful!

  2. That Bob Ross Remix is epic. Thanks for spreading the cheer 🙂

  3. Epbot!? jim henson?! you have good taste

  4. You have a great work ethic – to have produced so much great work. Best compliment? = Unique. Have a good day.

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