hello? is this thing on?


Welcome to my blog!  A place for me to share doodles, drawings, projects and crafts!  I am a busy perfectionist.  I am an overachiever and a super mama.  This means I have a habit of involving myself in constant projects.  Here you will find all sorts of doodles and things (namely for the sake of not bogging down my own personal facebook page). 🙂  Welcome & hello!  Hello, and welcome!

2 responses

  1. marcia hendricks | Reply

    I love this blog. The things you do make me smile. I wish my kids were young so I could try some of your ideas….oh that wouldn’t work cuz your husband would be 7 years old. Love you

    1. Yes, please don’t do that. I don’t want to be married to a 7-year old…but you cools try stuff with your grandkids!

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