more sharpie goodness


Sharpies are super cool. I got this plain $4 t-shirt at the store, and wanted to jazz it up.  My daughter loves dragons & dinosaurs, but I wanted something softer than plain ol’ black. Gray sharpie to the rescue! I wrapped him over her shoulder so she’d feel like she was carrying her around all day like a pet.

Sharpies on shirts seem to hold up pretty well–one key is to heat it up to set it once you’re done drawing. You can throw a quick iron over it (the easiest for me) or throw it on a hotter setting in the dryer. While there’s always a little fading, the stretchier shirts seem to fade and look worn more quickly. I’m pretty sure the gray should hold up pretty well.

So try it yourself! Grab a sharpie, try the color varieties, and start doodling!

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