i dreamed a dream


Who doesn’t want to cry all through a movie while people sing beautiful songs?  I’ve loved Les Mis since I saw a community theater (and I’m sure tamed-down) version as a kid.   I love drawing faces.  I like stretching them and playing with them–not to the point of ridicule, but just to slightly alter what’s there, and have fun with the shapes.  I love the style of Eric White, and when I first saw his work, I thought, “Well, dang–that’s exactly the direction I was going in!”  He has such EXTREME detail in his work (“hyperrealistic,” they call it), that I can’t even come close.  Still, I love a good face, especially in movie stills.

My agent once asked for a few caricature samples, and since I hadn’t drawn a famous WOMAN in a while, I thought I’d give Anne Hathaway a whirl.  It takes several reference shots sometimes to get the right feel for a face, and it’s helpful to combine things from different photos to make up the look you’re going for.  In the end, I thought that a pic of Fontaine at her deepest, darkest moment was maybe not such an “upper” for a promo piece.

Perhaps with all the “Hatha-hatred,”  I should’ve had a newspaper tabloid in her hand…

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