Family Map


When we were visiting family during my husband’s deployment, my sister suggested showing our 3-year old daughter a map to better give her an idea of where everyone was.  I found a cool, simple, graphic US map on Etsy from thepixelprince and mounted it on foam core in a little frame.  Most office supplies stores have these cute little pushpins that make it look a lot more interesting.  Then I typed in a teensy weensy font the names of who was where, a tiny round picture of each little family, and the years we were at a place (for the places we’d already lived), and printed them on sticker printer paper (so they could be easily changed out, since we’re an often-moving military family).  A little embroidery floss wrapped around the pins marks the spot and the little stickers hold them down.

Now, if it could automatically update itself like the Weasly family clock, that would be perfect….

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