Throwing Pennies


Awhile back, I got an email from Canadian musician Jennifer Gasoi, who won a Grammy this past year (whaaaa????!!), saying that she enjoyed our collaborations, thought we might enjoy her music, and wondered if she could send us a copy of her award-winning album.

You’d like to send us a copy of some awesomely fantastic, jazzy, hip-shaking music that Myla & I could jam out to?  Why, yes PLEASE!

Weeks later, we got her CD in the mail.  I turned it on while we were doing crafts, and Myla stopped mid-doodle, and got up to dance and shake around.  The music is fun, sort of retro-style, a touch of swing, a bit jazzy, and all around pretty cool for me (as a grownup) to listen too, too.  (You can listen to it here.)

I’m constantly amazed at people sharing things they’ve done with us, so I’m quite happy to share it with you.  We loved all the happy sounds, and had our own little dance party in our art room.  Myla said, “It was very nice of her to send us some music.  Maybe we could send her a card to say thank you!”

And so we did.

photo 2


Myla told me what she wanted to write on the inside, and I helped her spell it.  I’m not sure exactly why she turned Miss Gasoi into a catfish, surrounded by other underwater creatures, but that’s what she was inspired by at the time.

So please, go check out Jennifer Gasoi for yourself, and get a little dancing in your toes!

UPDATE: Jennifer tweeted us, saying she loves being a catfish…and coincidentally, she’s a Pisces, so…it makes sense, huh?  🙂

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  1. Thank you for sharing.

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