It Got Me

It got me.  That flu that’s been going around, harassing everyone.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it.  Maybe you narrowly escaped it.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t invite it in…

I’ve posted before about how hard it is to keep the kid busy when I’m sick and alone, but this time I have a secret weapon: MY HUSBAND’S HOME! 

And he’s been helping a lot, even taking Myla to Austin for lunch and the children’s museum so I could sleep nearly ALL DAY.

So yesterday I was feeling a bit less foggy, and did a few projects with Myla.  We keep several projects on hand, but we had a particularly fun time building a wooden automata kit a friend sent. Minimal supervision, minimal work on my part, and lots of fun.

But during all this (and before my energy failed me again and I slept another few hours), we discovered a fun little project: mix-match stories!  

Myla’s practicing reading and writing at school, so we start off like this: one person starts by writing a sentence (like “A monster lives in my closet”), and the other has to draw it out.  After drawing it, they continue adding a bit to the sentence (such as “wearing a tutu”), and the other person draws it out. And you swap back and forth, adding onto the sentence until it feels done.

We did several of these, and it was so much fun!  Super easy, and I didn’t even have to move.

It’s fun to set the other person up with a funny thing they have to draw, and it’s great practice reading and writing, and doesn’t even FEEL like learning.  (Because if it felt like learning, I’m pretty sure she’d immediately stop.)

Anyway, being sick is why I feel so horrible. Its why I’m behind on my custom orders.  It’s why I haven’t gone to the gym all week.  It’s why I’ve been sleeping nearly all day every day.  It’s why I’m late writing  a blog post this week. It’s why I’m posting from my phone instead of my desktop.  Hopefully I’ll be back at it next week, nice and strong. 

Til then, I’m going to surround myself with comfy blankets, comfy pillows, and tissues, and take another nap.

4 responses

  1. Feel better soon. Parenting with flu is abysmal.

  2. Get better soon! Love the story idea 😊

  3. Hope you feel better soon x Oh – and as a writer, I LOVE that story idea. Might have to use it for my creative writing group, see how the grown-ups get on with it!

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