How to Have Fun (Without Even Trying)

Once upon a time, I wasn’t feeling well, and needed a fun way to keep the kid occupied that didn’t involve a digital screen.  That’s when we go to the old stand-by:  CHALK.

I like chalk, because of a game that Myla and I came up with, wherein I lie down and close my eyes and do nothing, and she draws things around me.

Like this time, when Myla’s cousin was visiting, and helped draw an alligator eating my head…CHALK1

Or when she drew a cat in a litterbox with flies all around it (this cracked her up, for some reason…) on top of my head.


And for some reason, they drew a giant Princess Bubblegum (from Adventure Time) eating my head (I sense a running theme here).


Here’s Myla’s cousin, adding bugs with Myla all around me, which also made Myla giggle.


But the best part is, it’s fun and I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!  Granted, the first time we did this, I had to draw something around her to demonstrate.  But once I did, she was off and running with ideas, and all I had to do was lie there.

The only bad part is that the photos turn out terrible, because they’re nearly always shots from below your own face, which isn’t a good angle for ANYone.  But AHHHHHH well.  It’s not about that, it’s about having fun.  With minimal effort on my part.  Hahah!


I did an interview recently, which reminded me of a lesson I learned a while back:  that the best memories are made when you give someone your time.  Busy parents don’t have a lot of time, but honestly–it doesn’t take much!  Even when you’re exhausted, a little time sharing laughs while your kid draws things around your head–those are things that stick.  And it’s never too late.  You can always go to a person you care about, and make a little time for them.  I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate it for a long time.  ❤

me myla 7.jpg

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  1. What a fab idea. I love their drawings too.

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