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Little Things

desk.jpgEveryday things have been sort of overwhelming lately.  Things as simple as laundry or dishes or even getting the daughter ready for school wear me out.  Maybe it’s the rainy weather.  Maybe it’s the struggle of working through back pain.  Maybe it’s that I’ve started working out every day in the hopes of strengthening my back.  …Maybe I’m just worn out from trying to keep all the plates spinning.

So I’ve been painting more tiny things.  I like it because in just a few hours, I get to challenge myself to paint a person in a tiny little area.  They don’t always turn out perfectly, but it’s a challenge for me to paint a face I like that small, and see if I can still make it look nice.


I struggle when people tell me who I should paint, because if I don’t have some weird little sense of love for the person (or at least for their face), I have trouble drawing them (not custom work–I find that a fun challenge).  Someone suggested an actor that I don’t really care much for, and I didn’t even consider it.  I have to WANT to draw it.  It has to be fun for me, right?

And right now, they’re fun.  They’re a fun little challenge, not too daunting…

tiny ladies

And while I do have a few in my etsy shop, I find they’re also really fun to make as gifts.  This little piece of artist Mab Graves is on its way to her, as a thank you for a package she just sent.  I styled her after the King and Queen of the moon in Gilliam’s Baron Von Munchausen, and tried to make it a good blend of both.


So these tiny things have been helping me through a lack of motivation lately, because in just 2-4 hours, I can finish a tiny little face that might be fun to look at.  Not a giant drawing, not an intimidating portrait.  Just something simple and small, challenging and fun.  I’m not sure why, but lately, that’s good enough for me…

Sometimes it’s the little things that help…you know?

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