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Happy Halloween!  And with it, sadly, comes the end of the Mockinktober challenge Myla and I did, where we completed a spooky drawing each day, for the month of October.  But we can call it a success!

I won’t post them all–you can see them on my instagram page @busymockingbird, in the hashtag #mockinktober, or on our facebook page.

Our goal was to complete all 31 days, and we did it!  Myla’s goal was to try to make all of hers be original characters, and–whenever possible–make them female.  She’s only 8 years old, but the expression she gets in her drawings and the unique ideas she has are already so amazing to see!

We jumped around a bit from our initial list, and bounced around (as I predicted) with our friend Mab’s Drawlloween list.  Near the end, though, we chose a few categories of our own.

We had goofy ones…pumpkin



We had a bunch of spooky teenagers…

creepy witch

teenage vampire

goth girl

And even some creepy kids…

its a good life

We had “the Ghost with the Most…”


As well as a few gremlins…


And we even did a few extra ones, just for fun!

ace ventura


The Kid blew me away with this drawing of The Bride (not Frankenstein’s Bride–the Bride from Kill Bill).  She’s never seen it–it’s WAY too violent–but she knows the story of the Bride as a ninja mama bear, fighting to avenge her daughter.  One day while I was drawing Jules from Pulp Fiction, she asked to draw the Bride, and it was too good a category to pass up (and she couldn’t help but add some goofiness to it…hence the chicken and the tiny head-person in the Crazy 88 gang..).

bad mamajamma

As for Frankenstein brides, we covered those, too…

bride of frankenstein

And we had such a great time doing it!  Here’s hope you all have a safe and spooky Halloween!

(If you’re interested, most of my versions from this set are available in my Etsy shop online as small prints–you can go have a look here! )


A couple of years ago, the kid and I did the Inktober challenge on our Instagram page, and called it “Mockinktober.”  There are many versions out there, but the basic idea is to post a drawing or art project each day, with a spooky sort of theme.

inktober 5(Our Blythe dolls, Mavis and Sweetie dressed up for the occasion…)

I like this challenge, because it always gets me started with other ideas of things I’d like to draw.

For example, I just finished listening to the audiobook for the Handmaid’s Tale (talk about a horror story!), and wanted to draw this one from the series…

inktober 1

As for WHAT to draw, there are so many options…

The originator of the “Inktober” idea puts out a general list of broad word prompts that are fairly open-ended (meaning each word could mean something different for each person):


Our dear friend Mab Graves put out this list for her event, she calls “Drawlloween…”   and always encourages open mediums (not just ink) and friendly fun…


And Myla and I sort of do a little of everything.  This year, we just wrote a list of all the spooky ideas we had.  Then when Mab’s list came out, we sort of aligned the days that matched with her event so we could play along with hers too.   And because Myla sometimes likes to do her own thing,  we chose some other random things to fill out our list.  And we might repeat some of them, if the category is good.  And some days, we might do something else entirely not on this list, and it’s okay, because it’s just for fun, and we do what we want.

inktobersssSo basically, you just pick something, create it, and post it!  If you want other art-people to see it, put the hashtag for each group on there in Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter–it sort of “files” it with other people who have used that hashtag.  Click on a hashtag and see what other people are posting!  There aren’t any prizes, it’s just a fun practice.  And if you can’t do all of them, try to do a few!

It’s only been a few days, so here are ours so far:

Day 1: Werewolf.  I drew MJ from Thriller (because I always loved watching the “making of” of that video), and Myla drew her own version of Professor Lupin (because she always thought he should have a tail)…

inktober day1

Day 2: Goblin.  I drew Bob, head of the Department of Small Coins at Gringott’s, and Myla drew a goblin warrior girl.

inktober day2

Day 3: Vampire.  I drew a sad little Claudia from Interview with a vampire, and Myla drew a quick teenage vampire boy before heading to school…

inktober day3

Day 4: Evil queen.  I drew Queen of the Damned, and Myla drew a Goblin Queen…

inktober day4

And that’s where we are so far!  I love browsing the hashtags to see what other people have done–there’s so much good out there!  One thing I like is that as I’m looking for references to draw from, I come across so many others I want to draw, and sometimes I draw them too.  So I end up getting extra draw-y during Inktober.

Here’s a cranky Elle Driver from Kill Bill…

inktober 3

And Myla won’t look at this next one, because it has blood.  But blood splatters are  spooky and also (I’m sorry) fun to paint. I don’t always draw guts or things that are too gory (that’s not my thing), but ink / red splatters always seem to brighten up a spooky doodle.  So if you’re squeamish, maybe scroll past.  I just use it as background decor, actually.  It’s GoGo Yubari, another Kill Bill alum, who really knows how to wreck junk up.

inktober 4

I’ve been really trying to fill out the whole page, and be pretty sparce with my colors sometimes.  It’s a fun challenge.

Myla got all excited a few weeks back when we made our list, and did the first few prompts early, just for fun.

inktober 2

We’re only a few days in, but here are a few pointer ideas:

  • Have a sketchbook dedicated JUST to your Inktober/Drawlloween/Mockinktober drawings.
  • Make a list of your own, maybe on the first page of the book, not only with prompts, but with what you might have in mind for each prompt.
  • Gather any references ahead of time.  I use a lot of pop culture references, and I can’t tell you how many printouts I have of references, and how many folders of references I have on my phone.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself!  It’s not a job application or anything.  If you don’t make it, no big deal.  It’s just a fun challenge, so you’re the boss.
  • POST IT!  Share your artwork, show people what you’ve done, and see what other people have done!   Communicate, comment on their work–it’s just a fun way to be supportive.

We.., there you go.  Happy Mockinktober!  And if you join in–happy creating!  Aaaaaand if you want to share your creations, feel free to post them on my facebook page!


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