Doodle Chimes

Our kid likes to draw a lot.  I mean a LOT.

I take photos of all of them, because I’m so fascinated by them.  I love watching her skills develop, and love seeing how her mind thinks, how she can see something and observe how it’s done, and sort of meld that with her own work.

Through all my scouring the internet, I’ve seen lots and lots of ideas of what to DO with all these doodles, and I’ve done quite a few of them.  We have bulletin boards where we’ve pinned some of our favorites.  We have some in changeable frames.  I’ve had strings with doodles clipped to them with clothespins.  My mother uses the photos of doodles in the backgrounds when she makes a digital photo album.   I’ve heard of people making books full of kid doodles.

I wanted a way to show them as a decorative piece in the house; a way we could enjoy them in an awesome way while putting all those doodles to good use.


So I got some laminate paper, stuck them on there to keep ’em safe, punched some holes in them, and strung them from eachother.  We hung them in her bedroom window, and I think they turned out lovely!


Our daughter went through a Shrinky-Dink period for a few weeks, where she created TONS of Shrinky Dink doodles.  What to do?  Why, same thing, of course!  Strung up little doodles look like lovely little wind chimes hanging in our kitchen windows!  With Shrinkies, you have to either punch the holes before you shrink them in the oven, or spend some quality time with your Dremel and a tiny drill bit….

So what do you do with all your kid doodles?

3 responses

  1. These are so cute – what a great way to share her wonderful drawings. I love it!

  2. Love it! where did you get the thick laminate paper that you used for the bracelets?

    1. Bracelets are made with shrinky dink paper from the craft store! The drawings were laminated with paper from the stationery/computer section

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