Monster Puppies!


Okay, so I’ve written in the past about my experiments with resin casting my mermaid sculptures, and again when I started making dolls from the sculpted faces…  Well, I’ve decided finally, after much trepidation…..


It’s intimidating, and I can’t fully pinpoint why I feel that way.  I think because I like to give my full attention to things, and since I have a full-time job and a full-time family (not to mention all my full-time hobbies), I was nervous about not being able to give it the attention I’d like it to have.

And also, there was something else darker looming.  I worried about the intimidation of “HAVING” to do something, as opposed to doing something just for the fun of it.  Ages ago, when I was a kid, my mom (being a military wife, and a full-time, mostly stay-at-home mom) handpainted ornaments for craft shows.  They were BEAUTIFUL, and she loved it, and did really well at big shows.  In the demands of stocking up for a craft show, she turned her art table into an assembly line of sorts, painting variations of the same things over and over and over again.  People loved it, and she did her best to provide a variety of kinds of figures in different skin tones and hair colors, and offered to customized each of them by painting their names on them.  It was amazing.  But soon, people became picky about customizing things.  It wasn’t enough that a simple little character had red hair, they’d ask for WAVIER red hair.  Or more freckles.  Or a slightly darker skin tone, or dimples.  And we’re not talking full, customized portraits here–we’re talking cute, detailed but simple, country crafts.  And people would complain constantly (and loudly) of the price–$5 for a handpainted ornament, and they’d complain, not bothering to notice all the hours of work and love that went into each one.  After years of this, Mom got burnt out.  Although it helped supplement my dad’s army income, after awhile, trying to please everyone, along with doing the same thing over and over and over again wore her out.

But friends have assured me that it can be just for fun!  That it doesn’t HAVE to be a custom assembly line.  It can be a place to put all the strange things I create, and ENJOY creating, and sharing with people.  And that if it gets to be too much, I can put it on “vacation” while I sort things out.

So I decided to give it a try.

I’ve had SO much fun with this resin-casting, that I’ve started making Monster Puppies.


I’ve written before about how much Myla loves her odd little doll, Midnight, and how despite people thinking it’s “creepy,” she loves it all the same.

8 monster puppy

I’ve had SO MUCH FUN making a variety of monster puppies, in different cute but creepy versions.  I’ve always LOVED the juxtaposition of soft and hard, sweet, and sour, cute and creepy…and that’s what I had fun with in making these little guys.  For now, I decided to just put up what I’ve created, and not offer customized pieces just yet, until I can get a feel for if I can handle it or not…


bluered SIDE

The hardest part is convincing Myla that she can’t adopt EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.  She loves them all, and her first reaction to each new Monster Puppy is a very beloved, “AWWWW!!!!!”


pinkyeti CLOSE

IGGY close

They’re not for everyone, I know.  But they’re fun to make, and people are either totally creeped out by them, or think they’re unusually cool.

I’ve also had a LOT of fun making my little monsters into JEWELRY!  I made several necklaces in a couple of designs…



This next one is my personal favorite, and I decided to keep her for myself…  (I’m wearing her right at this very moment, actually.)


Myla picked her favorite, and actually wears it to school (although we later changed its eyes to black after she saw mine).

You might think it odd that I send my kid to school with a creepy monster necklace, in the heart of Central Texas.  Once, while making smalltalk with some little girls at the craft store, the girls looked at her necklace and said, “wow, that’s really creepy.”  Myla knows that some people think so.  We’ve talked a lot about how it’s okay to like something and it’s okay NOT to like something.  Nothing’s for everyone.  But I asked her if it made her feel bad, and if she wanted to take it off.  “NO! Not at all!” She said. “I just don’t want people to be scared of it.”

So now, if people say it’s creepy, she’s decided to say, “Yes, but she’s actually quite a nice and FRIENDLY monster.”


I also made a few of them into pin-backed brooches.

brown left

I’ve also added several pieces of ORIGINAL artwork (not the collaborations, however–still can’t part with those), paintings, and sketchbook pages.

In any case, welcome to my shop!  It’s a collection of things I love to make, and I hope they at least make you smile.  I’ll do my best to add new things to it from time to time, in whatever direction my crafty brain takes me, whatever I’m into at the moment!


12 responses

  1. Well yeah, they’re a tiny bit creepy, but in the cutest way. I’m always a sucker for that combination. I like them all–especially the one on which you’ve painted the eyes. It really brings them to life! Best to you on this new venture. And yes, do it for fun, do it for you. Stay firm in that and the fans will come to you.

    1. That’s awesome, I’m glad you like them, even if they’re weird! Thank you, and I’ll keep doing what I love!

  2. I’m so tempted to buy one as a Baby Shower gift. Although I’m not sure the parents-to-be would be so pleased, but I love them!

    1. Hahah! That certainly would liven up a baby shower, huh?? 🙂 I’ve been tempted to give one to friends’ kids as gifts, but I’d rather not be responsible for scarring them for life!

  3. I love your work! Just do it for fun, then it won’t be another job!

  4. Sometimes when a kid says something is creepy, actually it means he likes it quite a lot.

  5. I love them!!! They are adorable!!! They’re remind me of a little terrier we had – she was so ugly, she was cute! Your offerings on Etsy are wonderful!! Will need to save up to buy a necklace for my daughter-in-law and a couple of the monster puppies for grandkids! They will be thrilled with them! And my daughter would love one for her 1st baby shower – It will crack her up – she’ll love it! Keep making them for fun!!! I agree with T. Hopkins, fans will come to you!

  6. Love the jewellery – prefer them with the eyes painted in rather than blank, as blank eyes are ‘creepy’ for me…
    Do the Etsy shop for fun – if it starts to become hard work or you don’t enjoy it, leave it for definite! I’ve had bursts of creativity to fill orders and it does wear you out eventually, so I go back to doing it for myself until I find the joy again. Good luck!

  7. I love the monster puppies! I will be eagerly watching for the perfect one to use as a shawl pin for my handknits. I, too, like the painted eyes and pretty colors. I hope you have lots of fun with your shop. I know I’ll have fun watching for just the right one to buy. 🙂

  8. […] puffballs, foam, washable paints, scissors, tape, construction paper, some scraps of fur from my monster dolls, and a couple of cardboard boxes from the recycle bin.  The key here is to set it up so that […]

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