Our Sheep-Dragon Budsie!

OMgosh, I wanted to share a new creation that just arrived in the mail yesterday from a cool company called Budsies….IMG_2242

You might remember that I sometimes help Myla make wonky dolls from her creations (like this), but since my doll-making skills are pretty much self-taught, they’re always sort of hodge-podge.  And highly wonky.

But this place called Budsies can take a drawing that you send them for a great price, and make a really cool, really well-made doll that’s a great size and looks JUST LIKE the drawing!

So here’s the drawing Myla sent of a sheep-dragon (a creature she created, and draws ALL the time), next to the final Budsies doll we got in the mail yesterday.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!  They even asked me via email to help them define details, down to the wings, and the fluff of “wool” on top.  And aren’t those little claws the greatest?  Myla has decided that his name is “Wooly.”


So I just have to share Budsies, for anyone out there who might be interested in getting one of their own, because DANG we had trouble narrowing down just that ONE drawing (believe me, Myla had HUNDREDS of ideas for more).  So give ’em a look–check out their gallery and see what other awesome stuff they’ve done!


6 responses

  1. How incredibly awesome is that!!!

  2. I couldn’t get the link to work! But I do love the name Myla chose for her lovie! – Tia Wooley

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the company. Will keep them in mind.

  4. My 3-year-old saw the sheep dragon as I was scrolling through my reader and she loves it.

  5. I think Myla should design toys and sell them. $ for college?

  6. This is great!! Loved it! 😀

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