Little Wooden Necklaces

My mom & I sometimes swap art supplies.  Last time she visited, she brought these little wooden disks that I wasn’t sure what I’d do with…but I knew I WANTED THEM.

So one day I drew some little faces on them, and let Myla add doodles however she wanted.


She drew a snake and a ghost mouse….you know.


Then I added detail and painted them….

She even made me a mockingbird!  (It’s the blue one on the left.)  There’s also an elephant, and a robot drawing on her own smile.

At this point, they needed some cool little beads, and hey–why not put them on a necklace?


She also did a t-rex mermaid and a pterana-maid and I spiced them up a bit with with some little dangle-beads.


So since she was on a roll, I asked if she could help me make ANOTHER necklace for myself (because one can never have enough dangly art necklaces, amiright?):  I have been MAD over Imperator Furiosa from MadMax: Fury Road, and showed Myla a photo of her.  All I needed to say was “lady with a robot arm,” and she knew just what to do!


Isn’t it lovely if I can say so myself?  She did such a great job on Furiosa’s little arm.  It’s one of my favorite things to wear lately!  I added little watch pieces to represent steering wheels and green beads to represent “The Green Place.”

Anyway, I’m not sure what to do with the others yet–I’m thinking keychains?  Maybe little necklaces?  Teacher gifts?  As with pretty much ALL the projects I do with Myla, I LURV making them and selfishly want to hoard them all for myself….or maybe I could do something special with them…I’ll figure it out eventually!  Either that, or our house will eventually spill out overflowing with our collaborations, her doodles, and the millions of cut paper projects and books she creates on her own…  🙂

10 responses

  1. Do you do custom portraits? I love your work and would love one of myself and my husband, or of my two dogs 🙂

    1. Thank you! I do open for commissions on occasions, but I just finished a batch and am breaking a bit. I’ll be sure to post when I open again!

  2. Aletta Walker | Reply

    Oh wow! Your Furiosa turned out marvelous darling! 😙 The robot lady is my favorite. They would make awesome rear view mirror hangers. You know what I mean? Great job as usual you two dears!

  3. Creativity is running rampant…and I love it!

  4. Oh I just love the t-Rex mermaid! That’s the kind of ornament I would hang on my Christmas tree. If you ever decide to sell on etsy, I will be first in line.

  5. You could hoard them all by making a set of wind chimes with these at the bottoms. Then it only counts as keeping 1 object (that doesn’t even stay IN the house!), but includes all of them! Win-win?

    1. Ooooh I love that idea! That TOTALLY counts as one thing, I’m sure… 😉

  6. They turned out so lovely and playful!

  7. I LOVE them! Wishing….

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