The Birthday Girl and Such


This past weekend, our little monkey turned SIX years old!  Yes, that darling little 4-year old with whom I collaborate is now SIX.  Can you believe it??  Since her birthday always falls near Memorial Day weekend, we actually celebrated her birthday around some extended family last weekend.

This past weekend, on her real birthday, I was HORRIBLY sick with yet another headcold, so the Dad took her out for a fun day.  Whew! High fives to the Daddy.

So I’m still on the mend, but thankfully (unlike the bronchitis I had a few months ago) it’s the kind of sick where I can still draw and paint.  I’m working on this little doodle of her as an imaginary astronaut explorer, where I let her draw the characters behind and around it.  I’ll show more of the process later (when I actually finish it), but for now I barely have the energy to do much more than my basic necessary functions…

So have a great rest of the week and enjoy the people and things around you, whatever they are!

2 responses

  1. This is so wonderful! HB, Myla and I hope mommy’s feeling better soon.

  2. Happy Birthday, Myla!!!!!

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