Seven Years Good Luck

Well, May is nearly over, and it marks two significant events for us:  the end of the school year, and Myla turning SEVEN.

So I thought it’d be fun to take a quick little look back for a moment, and appreciate some things…

Do you remember the wonderful little doodles we did when she was so young, that made their way all over different parts of the entire world?

IMG_5614outer face

Time has certainly changed both us and our art.  We’re always growing, always changing, always creating.

Myla has grown to LOVE making things out of paper.  Give her some scissors, paper, and tape, and she’ll get to work creating the most wonderful little three-dimensional paper sculptures you’ve ever seen from a kid…

paper projects

She gets inspired by ideas, and creates things from her doodles.  She’s inspired by people we know, people we meet, people we’ve learned about…


And still, one of our favorite things to do is to make art together.  Just taking time with each other to share our ideas, draw things that makes us smile, or create little worlds with our imaginations…

drawing together

I’ve introduced her to some of the artists I’ve become friends with, and they’ve shared their friendship with her.  She’s talked to Lori about art blocks.  And she sends packages to Mab and still talks about her–Mab painted one of the few images of us drawing together that I have, gave me the original in a necklace pendant, and put a sealed version in a locket for Myla.  It’s one of her favorite things to wear, and something very dear to both of us.

mab locket

And although we’ve had a great many adventures most of this past year, we’ve sadly done it all without her dad, who’s currently deployed overseas.  Thankfully, watching Flat Myla on her European adventures and on his Blackhawk flights through the clouds has helped him seem a little closer to us.

flat myla

So here’s hoping year seven will be just as creative and magical as age six!   And from us to you, thank you for following our adventures!  Share some smiles with your family, with your friends.  Grab a pen and doodle with someone.  And when you part, give them a big hug.

postit goodbye

11 responses

  1. Art by Daniel Alfonso | Reply

    At six years old I barely wanted to pick up a pencil because I was incredibly lazy. I’m so glad you keep encouraging your daughter to explore her interests beyond a simple “dabbling.”

  2. I love that necklace.

  3. This is just a brilliant post, burgeoning creativity being expertly nurtured…Love it, and your collaborative pictures too. I have to ask, do I see a portrait of Malala, standing up for girls’ rights in her flower-power ensemble? Because it looks that way to me… Hope I haven’t misinterpreted. :\ Wonderful stuff! 🙂

    1. That’s exactly her! Now and then I get those Time magazine “women/people who changed the world” issues, and she lives going through it and learning

      1. So cool! Please pass on my congrats to your daughter, her creativity is tremendous – long may you both enjoy your arty adventures together. 🙂

      2. Will do–Thank you so very much!

  4. Margaret Rhode | Reply

    I remember every one of these with love! Happy Birthday, Myla…and Mica.

  5. you two make my heart smile and the rest of me too.

  6. Happy birthday to Myla! I especially love her 3-D paper creations. They are amazing and brought the biggest grin to my face. My four-year-old is currently really into making fantastical 3-D paper clothes for all her stuffed animals (I need to buy more tape), and I think she’ll love looking at the photos of Myla’s 3-D creations too.

  7. Happy Birthday to Myla! My youngest just turned seven too. It is a great age, so fearless and confident in embarking on new challenges. It is great to be able to tap into that zest for experiences.

  8. What a wonderful relationship you two have. Year seven will be just as fabulous as year six, no doubt! Happy Birthday Myla!

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