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A Quick Little Kneecap Post

Okay, we’ve been sick.  We’ve been feeling all around miserable around here this past week.  So I’ve been slacking in the blogging department.  Hey, I can’t keep it ALL together ALL the time.  I’d run out of duct tape.

So I thought I’d share this quick little project as a sort of mini half-post.  I promise I’ll write a better one in a few days.

I’ve told you before how much our daughter loves Star Wars, and has a crush on C-3PO?  So I should also mention, she’s a pretty rough-and-tumble little girl.  She’s not afraid of a few bumps and bruises.  Which also means sometimes she wears holes in the knees of her jeans.  When I decided to get a little more life out of those jeans with a patch, I thought, “Oh, cool!  I’ll put some simple, cute design with iron-on patches, and BOOM, done.”

…Until she said, “Can you do one as C3P0 and one as R2D2?”

Well, darned if I don’t like a challenge.  So I did.

It took me AGES to figure out if that was even possible.  I thought about hand-sewing felt, about stitching the detail on with embroidery thread.  I thought of all kinds of magically impossible ways this could possibly work, and was coming up blank every time.  Until finally, I lowered my standards.


I finally  just cut a simple outline of the body out based on the references I printed out (in black & white in the center), filled the detail in with Sharpie, and ironed them on.  Bam, easy peasy.

She liked them so much, she insisted she wear her Lego Star Wars shirt to match.


FAIR WARNING:  One trip through the washer, and the edges started rolling and looked horrible, so maybe this isn’t such a cool project after all, unless you’ve got wicked mad sewing skills.  …In which case, can you please sew my daughter some Star Wars patches?  🙂

Anyway, we’re all on the mend here.  Hope you’re all feeling well!

Post-Halloween Post


I had planned on making my own R2D2 costume (at my daughter’s request), but since Halloween plans were dampened by a bad week-long case of strep throat for the little one, I was a bit distracted, and time sort of slipped away.  Luckily, inspiration struck at the grocery store, when I found a sad little kid’s Vader costume for 6 bucks in the Halloween aisle.  It came with a tiny cape that was way too tight around the neck, so I just extended it by sticking a longer piece of velcro to it where the ends met up.  I mean, technically, Vader DID CREATE C3PO, so I think it’s a better companion piece than R2.  …At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

But Vader alone wasn’t enough–I wanted to spice it up a little, so I wore a sugar skull shirt (because it’s black and I already own it), which gave me the idea of painting the helmet.  There are a bajillion sugar Star Wars characters online (which I love), so I just grabbed a paint pen (which I already had) and BOOM–two minutes later, my costume was complete.

The kid was feeling better, but still pretty sick, so we just went down the street & back.  She had a chance to do her thing, and then she had fun handing out candy.  People seemed to dig her homemade costume.  We even saw a kid dressed as Vader, one as Yoda, and another as a Jawa!  Star Wars still lives, if you ever have your doubts.

So if the costume giddiness is over and you’ve got the dressup blues, I present, for your consideration, a paper doll I made ages ago for an art show I once had.  She’s got a mix of old-skool circus performer, pinup girl, derby blocker, and steampunk fanciness.  And if paper dolls aren’t your thing, just head on over to that bucket of candy.  There’s one in there calling your name….

paper dolls FINAL

A Star Wars Crush

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, our daughter was terribly sick from a flu and was relegated to basically lying in front of the television.  We had watched nearly every kid’s movie imaginable already.  It was my birthday, and I had just gotten the entire Star Wars series on blu-ray.  I wondered…is New Hope too “grownup” for a robot-loving kid?  I asked her if she was interested in a movie about robots and outer space.  She said yes…

And that was where her love of C3PO began.

Funnily enough, C3PO was my favorite as a kid, too.  (When had I painted our Munny family portraits  well before her discovery, you may notice I was C-3PO.)  Yes, R2 was funny and silly and snarky, but you wouldn’t really know what his beeps & whistles meant without the other half of the conversation.  3PO was silly and personable and charming.  And our daughter developed a “crush” of sorts on him.   All you’d need to do is say “Oh deah!” in that dainty little accent, and she’d giggle tremendously, as if she had just been spoken to by a movie star.  This meant that she would often ask ME to pretend to be C3PO, which I didn’t usually mind doing (even in the grocery store).

When she asked for a doll, I decided to scour the internet for one I might make, and came across the idea to make one from a wooden artist’s figure model.  Once painted and presented, he brought lots of kid-smiles.


I made her a shirt with sharpies.

2I made her (by request) what turned out to be one of the (unintentionally) creepiest dolls I’ve made. (C-3PO doesn’t work well as a soft doll, we found out.  But she liked him anyway.)


I appliqued a shirt.


And she even made her own C-3PO shrinky dinks and drawings.


So this year, when it came to Halloween costume choices, she had one request from the get-go:  she wanted to be C-3PO.  Now if you’ve seen the pre-made costumes online, they look pretty goofy.  So I decided to get abstract with this, and see if we could pull it off cosplay-style.

Since I didn’t want her face to be covered completely, I cut up a gold plastic craft store mask.  I had seen all these awesome online tutorials about how to build your own cardboard armor, so I built up a chestplate and back with cardboard, masking tape, and paperclay (which is super fun stuff).  When it dried, I sanded it and painted it gold.  I got a black bodysuit, and used fabric glue to tack on little pieces of gold “plating” to the arms.

8I got a super cheapo set of kid’s elbow, wrist, and kneepads and painted them gold.  Got a pair of gold dance leggings for kids, to which, after putting them on for the first time, my daughter exclaimed, “Oooh!  These feel soft to my legs!”  9

A pair of costume glasses spraypainted gold (with stripes on the eyes–she was VERY insistent that it have stripey eyes), and BOOM!  We have a funky C-3PO costume.


So there you have it!  Yes, it’s strange.  And yes, it’s unusual.  But you know, it was fun to make and she ABSOLUTELY LOVES it.  She walked around with her arms stiff, saying “Oh DEAH!”  Hopefully it’s at least a step above the storemade ones, and passable enough that people won’t make fun of her while she walks by (because if they do, they can expect my momma banshee to come out).

I was going to try maybe a little brown pullover and get by as a Jedi, but she asked if I could be R2 with her.  Oh lord!  I guess if she’s willing to go all out, I should too.  But I think I might go a LIIIIIIITTLE simpler on mine.  🙂

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