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Awesome Art Day!

We’re at a countdown in school to the last day–and at our school, they’re doing an alphabet a day all the way until Z for Zip up and go home!   The countdown started this past Wednesday with Awesome Art Day…and I was so happy to be asked by the teacher to help with a project!

At first, I considered a sort of collaborative project (which is what we have so much fun doing together), but the teacher asked if we could have it relate to ecosystems or nature in some way.  So I thought it’d be fun for the kids to have a take-home, and with the help of ideas from artist friends, I drew out these little paper dolls, with the idea that they could create a predator and a prey.


I let Myla give it a try at home first–I had the pieces cut out for her, so all she had to was punch holes where she wanted them, and put in the little brads.  Then, she could decorate and color them whichever way she liked.

predator & prey1So I cut out 20 pages of the creatures and pieces in the template above (WHEW!), and put them in individual baggies for each kid.  I had decided to pre-punch holes in the bodies where legs & arms would be to save a little time, and brought my hole puncher in case they wanted more punches.

And it was so much fun!  Their teacher had talked to them earlier in the day about predators and prey, so it was fun for them to create a creature and then a creature that gets eaten by it.   I had them each open their baggies and start putting their creatures together, and I walked around, offering more punches and extra brads, asking them which creature was which.


The teacher brought out markers for them to color with, and a couple of them used construction paper to make extras to add on.

predator & prey3

They had fun coming up with unusual creatures!

predator & prey4

predator & prey2

So if you’re looking for a fun little project to do, grab some brads at your local store’s office supply section, use a hole-punch, and feel free to download and cut out the critters from my template above.  I’d love to see what you come up with!

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