Noticing the Little Things

The world can be a frustrating place.  Sometimes, it’s all you can do to keep from yelling to no one at the top of your lungs…ARRRG.jpg

I’ll be honest, there are a LOT of things going on in the world right now that I am NOT okay with.  And I’m NOT going to advise others to just pretend they don’t exist, because there are a great many things that need action at the moment.  But it can all be overwhelming sometimes, and you need to find ways to protect your own mental stability.

It can be tempting to just curl up in a ball, huddling in the corner, crying…but you’ve got to fight for yourself.  Thank goodness for a fighting spirit–it’s what keeps me going lots of the time.

battle everything.JPG

My mom used to say, “if it helps to worry about something, if it helps give you a good idea for a solution, then worry.  If it doesn’t , then just let it go.”  Whether your struggles are literal or perceived, you can’t let things overwhelm you forever…


You can take some moments to yourself to relax and strengthen up.  Feel bad a bit, allow yourself to cry and rest up….but then you’ve got to take a deep breath, huddle up, strap on your armor, and dive in…

myla dive in.gif

(Little animation created by Myla from the Goldie Blox app)

When things get like this, I try to focus on taking joy in little things.

Like new perspectives…like chilling on the ground, or on the floor with the kiddo…

lying in sunshine.jpg

I read once that to keep yourself in the here and now, and to REALLY feel gratitude, start with your own senses, especially your breathing, because if you’re breathing (and I’m assuming we all are), you’re still alive…Don’t think about what’s GOING to happen, what COULD happen, what MIGHT happen.  Think about what is happening right NOW.  You’re breathing, for starters.  You’re alive.

There’s joy in watching someone do something they’re passionate about.  Any kind of art, any singing, any play, any museum…myla drawing.jpg

Trying new things helps.  I have found myself lost (which I realize is a funny oxymoron) in the world of embroidery lately, and I can’t stop at the moment.  It’s all I want to do, creatively speaking.  I’ve dabbled in it before, but now I’ve found new challenges, new things in it to explore, so I guess I’ll keep doing that for a while, until I don’t feel like doing it anymore.  And when I don’t feel like doing it anymore, it’ll be okay–I’ll do something else.


I have been finding a great appreciation for things that make me smile, things that make me laugh.

Like doggo and pupper memes.



And there are even snake ones!

snake heck.jpg

(For some reason, these CRACK me up, and no one else seems to get it.)

Doing projects with Myla usually helps.  When I am feeling down, I sometimes set up a project or a posterboard for us to draw on when she gets home from school.  No matter what’s going on, it nearly ALWAYS makes me feel better.   (Did you know she even included a cutout project in the book we made together?  You can get one too!)

myla project.JPG

It’s a bit symbiotic, because I get to live in the mindset of a child again with her, and she gets to spend time doing something we both love.

drawing with myla 2.jpg

(Beautiful photo by the lovely Molly Thrasher)

Cuddling up is also a good option.  “Cuddling up” is simply grabbing a soft cozy blanket, getting your favorite stuffed animals (yes, even if you’re a grownup) and plopping yourself in front of a good movie on the couch.

myla blanket.JPG

(I may be a bit biased, but our fuzzy blankets from S6 are my FAVORITE…)

And since I can’t JUST sit and watch a movie, I like to multitask by grabbing a sketchbook with the monkey while she cuddles up with me.

doodle toes.jpg

It’s VERY important to keep fighting for your own sanity–if you’re still trying, then you’re still alive.  But it’s also okay to relax a bit, take care of yourself, and take some comfort in the little things.

i love you.jpg

And don’t push it to the side!  Don’t disregard it as unimportant.  Don’t ignore that little voice that tells you NEED little things.  That voice is important.

end 1.jpg

Nothing lasts forever.  This is true for good things AND bad things.  The bad things will pass…but the good ones will, too–so appreciate all the little things in your life that make you smile.  Appreciate the fact that you’re here RIGHT NOW and you’re breathing.

And you can even try to find some small appreciation for the unpleasant things, because they’re also there for a reason, even if it’s just to make you better appreciate the good.

end 2.JPG

And, as I always say, if you’re looking around, and things seem so bleak that you CAN’T seem to find any good things, then BE the good thing.  Do something nice, say a friendly thing, hold a door, help a stranger.  Put yourself aside for a moment, and give someone else a hand.  It helps.

Make something, even if nobody sees it but you.  Because while you’re doing all this for your own self-preservation, you’re also putting some good out there in the world, and goodness knows we could all use a little more o’ that.  ❤


(Lovely words by Shel Silverstein)




6 responses

  1. Amen to all of that!

  2. Thanks so much for putting this out “there”! ❤

  3. A good version of the ”not now, I’m painting”. I feel like that all the time, I just need to finish this before it is too late! Great post.

  4. Knitting calms me. Good post. Thank you.

  5. Tackles about the reality. So true!

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