Fun Little Nature Project

It’s been a busy week, trying to keep up with the world…sometimes it’s nice to just step away and do an easy, fun little thing with the kid.

My mother’s day weekend was spent with a large group of giggling Girl Scouts, on a Mother-Daughter Campout in the woods.  (Please please, calm your envy…)

Even with the archery, horseback riding, and nature walks we did, if you asked Myla what her favorite part was, she’d tell you it was the nature project.  She’s been asking me to do it again, and since our Texas days have cooled down for a couple of days, we were able to just go into our yard and have some fun.  So I thought I’d share what we worked on, in case you’d like to give it a go yourself!


First step is to Pick some plants.  You want to find things that have a variety of shapes and sizes and colors, but you want to make sure they’re fairly flat.  You don’t need to go far; if you’ve got houseplants nearby, or have access to grass (unlike some Ohioans I’ve heard, who are currently covered in snow) and plants in your own yard, all you have to do is gather them up.


Next, you’ll need contact paper.  I’m sure it’s cheaper sold in rolls, but I only happened to have self-laminating sheets on hand, which are admittedly a bit pricier.  But they got more action with this project than they’ve seen in a while, so I didn’t mind.

With your gathered plants nearby, unpeel half of the sheet with the sticky side up, so you can start placing your plants where you want them, into whatever design you choose.


Since Myla’s more into building animals and creatures and things with faces, she went straight for making something adorably weird, even adding little bits of paper for the eyes, while I made a simple little mouse.  Fun little tip:  clover petals look like hearts.  🙂NATURE3

Or you can go decorative, like my wonky little tree-shape below.


Myla moved on to making a rabbit from various plants, being very careful in properly laying them out how she wanted.  With have the page exposed, when you feel finished, just unfold the other half and fold it over your piece to seal it up.


Once you’ve folded it over and sealed it up, cut around your piece, being sure to leave quite a lot of space around.  Sometimes, it even helps to seal it twice, making sure all the edges or sealed, or air will get in, and your little creations will discolor and “turn rotten,” as Myla says.

And there you have it!   Just a fun and easy little idea to make into bookmarks or punch holes to make a mobile to hang in a window.  And a calm little happy project that nearly anyone of any age can do.  So get out and spend some time in the sunshine (if you have it) and make some lovely little things with someone you love!


9 responses

  1. Fun! Can’t to try this- thanks for sharing!

  2. This is an awesome idea! My kids and I have made “pictures” out of natural elements when on nature rambles and hikes before – leaving them in situ – but the idea of contact paper is entirely new to me. I love that idea of making them more permanent. I am going to add this to my list of things to do with my kids over the summer. I usually run a themed homeschool style project with them for all those weeks when they are not in school but this year we are doing a sort of “pot luck” thing. This is a perfect addition to the list of options.

  3. Theresa Clarkson-Farrell | Reply

    great project – I can see how its engrossing for the young and older artist put me in mind of this book- you might really enjoy- well written very readable and The artist Like you was a self starter all those centuries ago

  4. mylifeasishan | Reply

    Very nice

  5. Amazing! Love it 🙂

  6. One of the places I worked had a heat laminator and we were welcome to use any scraps leftover from customer jobs. I pressed herbs in phone books and then laminated them. I still have a bookmark I made from lavender. It has faded a bit over the years but is still a nice reminder of a house we built on the edge of the country.

  7. These are beautiful! What a lovely idea! If she’s old enough to make sock monkeys you muggy wanna go to my page for a unique idea! (The first one isn’t finished yet as I have limited funds)

  8. Adorable! Fantastic idea 🙂

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